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English Grammar Solve-MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: Afridi plays the Harmonium and the sitar is——-also?

  1. Played
  2. Played by he
  3. Played by him
  4. None of these


Q.2: I am tired——-waiting?

  1. Of
  2. By
  3. With
  4. From


Q.3: I always praise him for his merits, but he always turns———you pointing out your demerits?

  1. at
  2. to
  3. on
  4. for


Q.4: He is serious——-visiting Islamabad?

  1. Of
  2. For
  3. To
  4. On


Q.5: We are accountable ———God for our actions?

  1. with
  2. on
  3. in
  4. to


Q.6: I am famous ——-honesty where javed is notorious for dishonesty?

  1. for
  2. to
  3. upon
  4. in


Q.7: ” Infallible ” refers to the one who is free from all ———?

  1. cares And worries
  2. cares And failures
  3. mistakes And failures
  4. Worries And troubles


Q.8: We decided to do all the task —— instead of waiting for help?

  1. of our own
  2. by ourselves
  3. ours
  4. All


Q.9: action of killing King is called————?

  1. regicide
  2. suicide
  3. patricide
  4. parricide


Q.10: He did not give up the fight even though he was badly bruised?

  1. The fight did not give up by him even though he was badly bruised?
  2. The fight had not given up by him even though he was badly bruised?
  3. The fight was not given up by him even though he was badly bruised.
  4. The fight was not being given up by him even though he was badly bruised?