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Solved MCQs class 10 biology chapter 2 MCQs and 1st year biology chapter 3 enzymes MCQs quiz tests. All helpful MCQs on cell structure and function class 11 exams. Solved online MCQs test of biology class 11 MCQ questions for class 10 science biology. Objective type MCQ questions with answers learn online. Past Papers PMS Exams biology MCQ for SSC Online.
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Biomolecules Solved MCQs With Answers

Q.1: Brown algae are also known as——?

  1. Phaeophyta
  2. Rhodophyta
  3. Pyrrophyta
  4. Chrysophyta


Q.2: Chalk is gradually formed of dead——-?

  1. Actinopods
  2. Foraminiferans
  3. Apicomplexans
  4. Radiolarians


Q.3: The only group of algae having no flagellated motile cells at any stage is——?

  1. Chrysophyta
  2. Phaeophyta
  3. Pyrrophyta
  4. Rhodophyta


Q.4: Of the following which one has glassy shells——–?

  1. Radiolarians
  2. Forams
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these


Q.5: Most of the photosynthesis on earth is carried by—–?

  1. Kelps
  2. Gymnosperms
  3. Angiosperms
  4. Algae


Q.6: Which of the following statement is incorrect about algae——-?

  1. Their zygote unlike plants is protected by parental tissue
  2. Their classification is based on pigment composition
  3. Most of them have different morphological forms in-different stages of their life cycle
  4. Almost all of them are aquatic


Q.7: In which of the following pigments major energy reserves and cell wall are like plants?

  1. Rhodophyta
  2. Chlorophyta
  3. Phaeophyta
  4. Chrysophyta


Q.8: The word Archaeobacteria (a division of bacteria) derived from Greek means——?

  1. True bacteria
  2. False bacteria
  3. Recent bacteria
  4. Ancient bacteria


Q.9: Who coined the term Animalcules for microorganisms like Bacteria and protozoa——-?

  1. Robert Koch
  2. Louis Pasteur
  3. Alexander Fleming
  4. Leeuwenhoek


Q.10: A cofactor made of inorganic ion which is detachable is called———?

  1. Prosthetic group
  2. Coenzyme
  3. Activator
  4. Cofactor