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Solved MCQs of biology 1st year chapter 2 and others learn with quiz tests. Biology MCQs for class 12 chapter wise with answers. Solve MCQs of biology 1st year chapter 11 in quiz test. Online solved MCQs of biology class 12 chapter 1 for Board exams preparations. Solved MCQs of biology 2nd year chapter 1 are also for MCAT Medical College Admission Test.
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Q.1: An activated enzyme consisting of polypeptide chain and a cofactor is called——–?

  1. Apoenzyme
  2. Holoenzyme
  3. Activated enzyme
  4. Both b and c


Q.2: Centrioles are composed of —- triplets of microtubules.?

  1. 3
  2. 9
  3. 10
  4. 15


Q.3: Which statement about enzyme is incorrect———?

  1. Some of them consist solely of protein with no non protein part.
  2. They catalyze a chemical reaction without being utilized.
  3. All enzymes are fibrous Proteins.
  4. They without their cofactor are called apoenzyme.


Q.4: A three dimensional dcavity bearing a specific charge by which the enzyme reacts with its substrate is called———?

  1. Active site
  2. Binding site
  3. Catalytic site
  4. Allosteric site


Q.5: Cellular organelles related with H2O2 are——?

  1. Glyoxisomes
  2. Lysosomes
  3. Peroxisomes
  4. Ribosomes


Q.6: If more substrate to already occurring enzymatic reaction is added more enzyme activity is seen because——-?

  1. There is probably more substrate present than there is enzyme.
  2. There is probably more enzayme available than there is substrate.
  3. There is probably more product present than there is either substrate or enzyme.
  4. The enzyme substrate complex is probably failing to form during the reaction


Q.7: A group of ribosomes attached to mRNA is known as——?

  1. Polymer
  2. Polypeptide
  3. Polysomes
  4. Monomer


Q.8: The rate of reaction is directly proportional to the concentration of an enzyme which statement is incorrect in this respect———?

  1. Increase in enzyme molecule increases the available active sites.
  2. This relation is for unlimited time period with unlimited enzyme concentration
  3. If the concentration is doubled the rate will become two fold.
  4. None of these.


Q.9: Which statement is incorrect about Lock and Key Model——–?

  1. Specific enzyme can transform only a specific substrate
  2. Active site of an enzyme is a non flexible structure
  3. Active site does not change before during or even after the reaction
  4. It explains the mechanism of every chemical reaction


Q.10: If the concentration of enzyme is kept constant and amount of substrate is increased a point is reached where increase in substrates concentration does not affect the reaction rate because of———-?

  1. Enzymes get denatured at higher substrate conc
  2. Rate of reaction is indirectly proportional to substrate concentration at this point
  3. All the active sites on enzyme molecule are occupied
  4. None of these