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Q.1: What happens during muscle contraction to the length of each myosin and action filament?

  1. Z- lines get closer
  2. A band becomes short
  3. 1 band elongates
  4. There is no change in sarcomere


Q.2: Which of the following step occurs immediately after binding of Ca2+ with troponin molecule during muscle contraction.?

  1. Binding sites of actin get attached to the myosin head.
  2. Troponin uncovers the actin binding sites.
  3. Tropomyosin gets removed from the binding sites of actin filaments.
  4. Ca2+ goes back inside sarcoplasmic reticulum.


Q.3: Exoskeleton of a marine snail is composed of——–?

  1. CaPO4
  2. CaCO3
  3. CaSO4
  4. SiO2


Q.4: Rigor mortis i.e, stiffening of body after death results from—–?

  1. Accunulation of rigid proteins molecules in sarcoplam.
  2. Unavailability of ATP, which is necessary to break the link between actin and myosin.
  3. Decrease in body temperature after death.
  4. Death of tissue due to unavailability of O2.


Q.5: Which of the following statement about an arthropod exoskeleton is incorrect?

  1. It permits gaseous exchange
  2. It contains joints, for the same purpose as present in human skeletal system
  3. It provides muscle attachment
  4. Like all the other types of exoskeleton, they lack sensation


Q.6: Ecdysone is———?

  1. An enzyme that digest endocuticle during an arthropodal ecdysis
  2. A newly formed exoskeleton in authropods
  3. A hormone that regulates moulting in arthropods
  4. A process that involves moulting


Q.7: Oxygen accounts for —– percent of totals human body mass?

  1. 65%
  2. 18%
  3. 10%
  4. 3%


Q.8: Out of total organisms on earth, ——-are vascular plants?

  1. 53.10%
  2. 19.90%
  3. 17.60%
  4. 9.40%


Q.9: Breakdown of large molecules into smaller ones utilizing water molecules is—–?

  1. Hydration
  2. Hydrolysis
  3. Dehydration synthesis
  4. Electrolysis


Q.10: Intake of liquid material by cell membrane is called——?

  1. Endocytosis
  2. Exocytosis
  3. Phagocytosis
  4. Pinocytosis