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Solved entry tests biology MCQs with answers learn online. Biology quiz test for MCAT and Medical jobs preparations. Many of the exams tests of Biology are here for PPSC tests. In Pakistan Govt jobs are announced by PPSC in nurses and medical staff. These MCQs are helpful for jobs tests and interviews by Public Service Commission. Learn online objective type biology MCQs for class 11 chapter wise also here.
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Biology MCQs NTS Tests Online Preparations

Q.1: Which of the following is the correct sequence in the biological method?

  1. Observation?hypothesis?law?theory
  2. Observation?hypothesis?deduction?testing of deduction
  3. Hypothesis?observation?deduction?testing of deduction
  4. law?theory?deduction?observation


Q.2: Amphibians are considered to be evolved from——?

  1. Newts
  2. Varanope
  3. Dipnoi
  4. Hagfishes


Q.3: Enterobius vermicularis is commonly known as——?

  1. Flatworm
  2. Pinworm
  3. Hook worm
  4. Tapeworm


Q.4: Red to orange pigments are——-?

  1. Carotenes
  2. Carotenoids
  3. Xanthophylls
  4. Chlorophyll


Q.5: Animals of which class of arthropoda are present everywhere——-?

  1. Crustacean
  2. Insecta
  3. Arachnida
  4. Myriapoda


Q.6: Gaseous exchange in birds occurs at level of——–?

  1. Alveoli
  2. Air sacs
  3. Bronchi
  4. Parabronchi


Q.7: ——- of earth surface is covered with water?

  1. 10%
  2. 30%
  3. 75%
  4. 90%


Q.8: The concept that various organisms dominated this planet during various geological time period and thus placing organisms in a time squence came from the studies by ?

  1. Environmental biologist
  2. Paleontologist
  3. Marine biologist
  4. Social biologist


Q.9: Normally, in the process of osmosis, the net flow of water molecules into or out of the cell depends upon differences in the ?

  1. Concentration of water molecules inside and outside the cell
  2. Concentration of enzymes on either side of the cell membrane
  3. Rate of molecular motion on either side of the cell membrane
  4. None of these


Q.10: It is possible to date the rocks by comparing the amount of specific radioactive isotopes they contain. Which of the statement is correct in this respect?

  1. Older sediment layers have equal amount of these radioactive isotopes as that of the young ones
  2. Older sediment layers have less amount of these radioactive isotopes as that of the young ones.
  3. Older sediment layers have greater amount of these radioactive isotopes as that of the young ones.
  4. Older sediment layers did not have these radioactive isotopes