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Biology online genetics MCQ questions and answers learn online. Solved zoology MCQs with answers for entry tests and exams. Important past papers MCQs of biology 1st year chapter 6 online. Solved 10th class biology MCQs chapter wise Objective type quiz tests. Helpful online solutions of biology MCQ for entry tests of MCAT and MDCAT exams. Easy MCQs of biology 2nd year chapter 16 with answers.
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Q.1: Thick, waxy And leathery cuticle around leaves is present in——?

  1. Hydrophytes
  2. Mesophytes
  3. Xerophytes
  4. Halophytes


Q.2: Which of the following animal excrete nitrogenous waste mainly as uric acid?

  1. Hydra
  2. Planaria
  3. Humans
  4. Birds


Q.3: Which of the following openings have cilia?

  1. Nephrostome
  2. Nephridiopore
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these


Q.4: Malphighian tubules absorb waste materials and salts from—–?

  1. Blood
  2. Lymph
  3. Gut
  4. Hemolymph


Q.5: Which of the following filtrate contains excessive amount of amino acids, glucose, and salts?

  1. Glomerular filtrate
  2. Filtrate passing through ascending limb
  3. Filtrate passing through distal conveluted tubule
  4. Filtrate passing through collecting tubules


Q.6: Mammalian kidney, under restricted water supply can conserve water by over —- % reabsorption of glomerular filtrate?

  1. 80.50%
  2. 90.50%
  3. 95.50%
  4. 99.50%


Q.7: Which of the following statement is incorrect about antibiotics?

  1. They are used against microorganisms
  2. They are always effective against bacteria
  3. They are used in diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia
  4. They are derived from bacteria only


Q.8: Fungi resemble plants because they lack——?

  1. Cell wall
  2. Cytoplasm
  3. Centriole
  4. Nucleus


Q.9: Which treatment is instituted in a cancerous patient?

  1. Antibiotic therapy
  2. Radiotherapy
  3. Gene therapy
  4. None of these


Q.10: Which is a parasitic plant?

  1. cuscuta
  2. rose
  3. ferns
  4. mosses