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Easy MCQ on mitosis and meiosis of biology with answers. Objective type class 9 chapter 2 MCQs also learn Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and Federal Boards online MCQs test class 9 biology learn here. Objective type quiz test of biology class 12 MCQs learn on easy mcqs site. Bio MCQ of cell division fpsc SST biology syllabus learning tips. Online MCQs of chapter enzymes and biology class 9 chapter 4 MCQs question answers.
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Biology Objective Type Quiz Tests Online Solutions

Q.1: Amount of water required to excrete 1gN of Urea is—–?

  1. 1 ml
  2. 50 ml
  3. 100 ml
  4. 150 ml


Q.2: Each ach nephridium of earthworm opens to the exterior by—–?

  1. Nephrostome
  2. Nephridiopore
  3. Flame cell
  4. Anus


Q.3: The main nitrogenous waste formed in the body of earthworm is/are——?

  1. Ammonia
  2. Urea
  3. Uric acid
  4. Trimethylamine oxide


Q.4: Which of the following excretory structure is associated with gut of the organism?

  1. Protonephridium
  2. Metanephridium
  3. Malpighian tubules
  4. Nephrons


Q.5: Which of the following nephrons play important role in production of concentrated urine?

  1. Crotical
  2. Medullary
  3. Juxtramedullary
  4. None of these


Q.6: Which of the following kidney stones are most common?

  1. Calcium oxalate
  2. Calcium phosphate
  3. Uric acid
  4. All of these


Q.7: Stomata open due to —– of K+ into the guard cells from the surrounding epidermis?

  1. Diffusion
  2. Active transport
  3. Osmosis
  4. All of these


Q.8: Which of the following is true about hearts of earthworm?

  1. There are 5-7 pairs of heart.
  2. They are present between 1-7th segments.
  3. They are present lateral to the oesophagus.
  4. They pump blood from ventral to dorsal vessel.


Q.9: It has been estimated that in a normal person plasma constitutes about —- by volume of blood.?

  1. 35%
  2. 45%
  3. 55%
  4. 75%


Q.10: Brown fat present in certain mammals is specialized in——?

  1. Providing insulation in cold environment.
  2. Providing insulation in hot environment
  3. Rapid heat production.
  4. Controlling heat production.