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In ninth class biology is important subject for Medical science students. Here you will learn online 9th class objective type MCQs with easy quiz tests. Learn these all MCQs of Biology online here. 9th class all chapters Objective type Quiz tests MCQs learn here. Most important objective type question answers of Biology learn here. Past Papers MCQs with answers for NTS tests learn online.
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Biology 9th Class Solved MCQs Quiz Test

Q.1: Which of the following structure primarily helps in attachment of bacteria on various surfaces——?

  1. Flagella
  2. Pili
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these


Q.2: Cell wall is absent in——?

  1. Cocci
  2. Bacilli
  3. Mycobacterium
  4. Mycoplasma


Q.3: Cell wass of Archaeobacteria does not contain———–?

  1. Peptidoglycan
  2. Proteins
  3. Glycoproteins
  4. Polysaccharides


Q.4: Gram positive bacteria appear——–?

  1. Purple
  2. Red
  3. Pink
  4. Blue


Q.5: Extremely long molecule of DNA that is tightly folded to fit inside the cell component is called——-?

  1. Nucleus
  2. Chromosome
  3. Chromatid
  4. Chromatin body


Q.6: All of the following are coelomates except:——?

  1. Deuterosomes
  2. Proterosomes
  3. Hemichordates
  4. Aschelminthes


Q.7: The radial symmetry is found in the animals of——?

  1. Protozoa
  2. Porifera
  3. Cnidaria
  4. All of these


Q.8: Both radial and bilateral symmetry is found in the phylum——?

  1. Protozoa
  2. Porifera
  3. Echinodermata
  4. None of these


Q.9: Of the following which one is not the characteristic of triploblasts?

  1. All of them have blood vascular system
  2. They may be coelomate pseudocoelomate or acoelomate
  3. They are included in grade bilaterian
  4. All of them have digestive system


Q.10: Free living example of Platyhelminthes is——?

  1. Dugesia
  2. Fasciola
  3. Taenia
  4. None of these