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Q.1: In most triploblasts after embryonic development the three layers are represented as——?

  1. Separate layers of cells
  2. Structures formed from them
  3. Structures associated with them
  4. Their functions in body


Q.2: The function of coelom is—–?

  1. To increase the size of the animals
  2. To help in the functioning of reproductive system
  3. To provide space for the development of organs and systems
  4. None of these


Q.3: A sponge of Antarctica which is more than a meter tall is——?

  1. Scolymastra joubini
  2. Euplectella
  3. Spongilla
  4. Leucoselenia


Q.4: The sponges in which sperms develop first are included in the category of—–?

  1. Peritandrous
  2. Pertandrous
  3. Protendrous
  4. Protandrous


Q.5: The skeleton of sponges is made up of——?

  1. Calcium
  2. Silica
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these


Q.6: Sperms released in water are carried to the mesenchyme in sponges by—–?

  1. Amoeboid cell
  2. Stipules
  3. Spicules
  4. Spines


Q.7: The single main opening of the sponge cavity is——?

  1. Osculum
  2. Ostia
  3. Spongocoel
  4. None of these


Q.8: 80% of the food of sponges consists of—–?

  1. Detrital organic particles
  2. Zooplankton and small animals
  3. Phytoplanktons
  4. all of these


Q.9: In sponges fertilization takes place in——?

  1. Ectoderm
  2. Mesenchyme
  3. Endoderm
  4. Uterus


Q.10: Which of the following are motile zooids in cnidarians?

  1. Polyps
  2. Medusae
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these