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9th And 10th Class Solved MCQs Of Biology Quiz

Q.1: The Kingdom of recyclers is known as kingdom——-?

  1. Algae
  2. Bacteria
  3. Fungi
  4. Embryophata


Q.2: According to two kingdom classification fungi were placed in kingdom——?

  1. Plantae
  2. Animalia
  3. Protista
  4. Fungi


Q.3: At which stage in the life cycle of Rhizopus meiosis takes place?

  1. Formation of sporangiophore via germination of zygospore.
  2. Formation of spores in sporangia
  3. Fusion of two hyphae
  4. Formation of Zygote by fusion of gametangia.


Q.4: Ecological role of fungi as decomposers is only paralleled by——-?

  1. Cyanobacteria
  2. Blue green algae
  3. Bacteria
  4. Virus


Q.5: Which of the following is called black bread mold?

  1. Pilobolus
  2. Penicillium
  3. Neurospora
  4. Rhizopus


Q.6: Coenocytic hyphae are also known as——-?

  1. Septate
  2. Perforated hyphae
  3. Aseptate
  4. Uninucleate hyphae


Q.7: In which of the following example of fungi dikaryotic hyphae exist for long period?

  1. Deuteromycota
  2. Basidiomycota
  3. Zygomycota
  4. All of these


Q.8: Unicellular fungi which is non-hyphal is——?

  1. Mushroom
  2. Yeast
  3. Penicillium
  4. Mold


Q.9: Parasitic fungi absorb nutrients directly from the living host cytoplasm with the help of special hyphal tips called——?

  1. Mildew
  2. Constricting ring
  3. Haustoria
  4. All of these


Q.10: By which of the following mechanism unicellular yeast reproduce?

  1. Sporing
  2. Conidiation
  3. Budding
  4. Fragmentation