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Q.1: In lysogenic cycle the process of spearation of phage DNA from the hosts chromosome and initiation of lytic cycle is called——-?
  1. Lysis
  2. Lysogeny
  3. Induction
  4. Adsorption
Q.2: Which of the following disease results in Paralysis due to viral attack on C.N.S:?
  1. Measles
  2. Herpes simplex
  3. Hepatitis
  4. Polio
Q.3: In life cycle of bacteriophage which step occur after attachment of prophage with the receptor site of the bacterial cell wall——-?
  1. Absorption
  2. Multiplication
  3. Lysogeny
  4. Penetration
Q.4: Tobacco mosaic virus is—–?
  1. Spherical
  2. Rod Shaped
  3. Tadpole like
  4. Hexagonal
Q.5: In the Lysogenic cycle the DNA of the bacteriophage———?
  1. Joins the bacterial chromosomes
  2. Attaches to the inner surface of the host membrane
  3. Is immediately degraded when enters the host
  4. Goes directly to host ribosomes for translation
Q.6: Which of the following is an RNA virus:?
  1. Influenza virus
  2. Herpes virus
  3. HBV
  4. Pox virus
Q.7: Temperate phage may exist as——-?
  1. Prophage
  2. Capsid
  3. Viron
  4. Retrovirus
Q.8: In the lytic cycle of bacteriophage the host DNA is—–?
  1. Replicated
  2. Turn off by the protein coat.
  3. Digested into its nucleotides
  4. Turned on by the removal of the protein coat
Q.9: Pepsinogen is produced from—–?
  1. Mucous cells
  2. Parietal cells
  3. Zymogen cells
  4. All of these
Q.10: Carbohydrates, fats & proteins are essential for——–?
  1. Metabolic processes of an organism
  2. Providing energy
  3. Formation of sturctures
  4. All of these