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Q.1: The total energy of a body executing S.H.M is directly proportional to——–?

  1. The square root of amplitude
  2. The amplitude
  3. Reciprocal of amplitude
  4. Square of an amplitude


Q.2: The time period of a second pendulum is——-?

  1. 4 seconds
  2. 3 seconds
  3. 2 seconds
  4. 6 seconds


Q.3: The length of the second pendulum is——–?

  1. 100 cm
  2. 99 cm
  3. 99.2 cm
  4. 98 cm


Q.4: If the length of the second pendulum becomes four times, then its time period will become——–?

  1. 4 times
  2. 6 times
  3. 8 times
  4. 2 times


Q.5: The force responsible for the vibratory motion of the simple pendulum is———?

  1. mg cosθ
  2. mg sinθ
  3. mg tonθ
  4. mg


Q.6: The frequency of the second pendulum is——–?

  1. 1 hertz
  2. 0.5 hertz
  3. 1.5 hertz
  4. 2.5 hertz


Q.7: Simple harmonic motion is a type of——–?

  1. Rotational motion
  2. Circular motion
  3. Musical arrangement
  4. Vibratory motion


Q.8: The SI unit of force constant is identical with that of———?

  1. Force
  2. Pressure
  3. Surface tension
  4. Loudness


Q.9: When the amplitude of a wave becomes double its energy become———?

  1. Double
  2. Four times
  3. One half
  4. None time


Q.10: A simple pendulum suspended from the ceiling of a lift has time period T when the lift is at rest. When the lift falls freely, the time period is———?

  1. Infinite
  2. T/g
  3. Zero
  4. g/T