Chemistry MCQs Online Quiz Test 13

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Inorganic Chemistry MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: Solution having the property of a very little change in pH on adding a small amount of strong acid or base is called——–?

  1. buffer solution
  2. normal solution
  3. standard solution
  4. neutral solution


Q.2: Conjugated base of a weak acid is———?

  1. weak
  2. strong
  3. moderately weak
  4. unstable


Q.3: Kc value has——–?

  1. No units
  2. Units
  3. Both A And B
  4. None


Q.4: Radiations are absorbed in——–?

  1. Spectrophotometer method
  2. Dilatometric method
  3. Optical relation method
  4. Refractometric method


Q.5: Energy of reactant higher than energy of product favours A. Endothermic——–?

  • Exothermic
  • Moderate reaction
  • No reaction
  • A

    Q.6: Which of the following will have very high rate of reaction ?

    1. Double decomposition reaction
    2. Neutralization reaction
    3. Ionic reactions
    4. all of above


    Q.7: Anything which increases rate of reaction without being involved in the reaction——–?

    1. Promoter
    2. Catalyst
    3. Inhibitor
    4. All of the above


    Q.8: When catalysts and reactants are in more than one phase it is——–?

    1. Homogeneous catalysis
    2. Heterogeneous catalysis
    3. Catalysis
    4. Ea


    Q.9: Biocatalytical proteins are———?

    1. Enzymes
    2. Substrate
    3. Lipids
    4. any of above


    Q.10: An enzyme has its specificity due to——–?

    1. Substrate
    2. Structure
    3. Temperature
    4. Pressure