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Objective type mcqs on acids bases and salts multiple choice questions with answers. 9th chemistry mcqs question answers online learn. Biomolecules class 12 chemistry mcq learn online here. Entry tests mcqs of chemistry 1st year chapter 3 gases, mcqs of chemistry 1st year chapter 4 chemical bonding and s block elements iit jee mcqs online quiz tests for preparations of upcoming exams.
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Chemistry State Of Matter MCQs With Answers

Q.1: A substance which increases the reactivity of enzyme is called———?

  1. Promoters
  2. Inhibitors
  3. Stimulators
  4. Non-activators


Q.2: When the reaction completes in more than one steps rate of reaction will be determined by——–?

  1. Fast step
  2. Slowest step
  3. All steps
  4. Molecularity of the reaction


Q.3: Energy of activation for backward reaction is less than forward reaction for —— reactio?

  1. Endothermic
  2. Exothermic
  3. Moderate
  4. Fast


Q.4: Sodium benzoate and benzoic acid are mixed in equimolar ration to form buffer if pKa is 2 what will be the pH ?

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. any one


Q.5: In which of the following equilibria will Kc and Kp have the same value ?

  1. PCI5 = PCI3 + Cl2
  2. N2 + 3H2 = 2NH
  3. 2CO + O2 = CO2
  4. N2 + O2 = 2NO


Q.6: Which of following is not a base——-?

  1. KOH
  2. NH3
  3. PH3
  4. BF3


Q.7: Which set of solutes will form a buffer when dissolved in water to make 1 litter of solution ?

  1. 0.0002M HCI
  2. 0.2 mole of NaCI with 0.2 mole of HNO3
  3. 0.4 mole of CH3COOH with 0.4 mole of NaOH
  4. 0.4 mole of NH3 with 0.2 mole of HCI


Q.8: Chemical equilibrium state is——–?

  1. dynamic state
  2. static state
  3. free state
  4. unidirectional state


Q.9: At start of reaction the concentration of reactants is——–?

  1. high
  2. low
  3. according to Kc
  4. constant


Q.10: In case of gases Kc is replaced by——–?

  1. Ka
  2. Kb
  3. Kp
  4. K