Chemistry MCQs Online Quiz Test 24

Online chemistry mcqs for class 11 chapter wise with answers. Many of the Punjab board, sindh board, KPK Boards and Balochistan Boards chemistry most repeated MCQs quiz tests are here for online MCQs test class 9 chemistry Preparations. All important chemistry MCQs for class 11 chapter wise learn easily here. Online solved Objective type MCQs of chemistry 1st year chapter 1 MCQs of chemistry 1st year with answers.
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Q.1: Animal fats are located particularly in———?

  1. Skeleton tissues
  2. Cardiac tissues
  3. Connective tissues
  4. Adipose tissues


Q.2: Lipopolysaccharides are examples of——–?

  1. Derived lipids
  2. Simple lipids
  3. Compound lipids
  4. Not a type of lipids


Q.3: Orgosterol is———?

  1. Orgocalciferol
  2. Vitamin D2
  3. Sterol
  4. all of the above


Q.4: Protein attached to some non protein group is called———-?

  1. Derived protein
  2. Sample protein
  3. Proteoses
  4. Conjugated protein


Q.5: Lipids are soluble in———-?

  1. Organic solvents
  2. Organic and inorganic solvents
  3. Inorganic solvents
  4. Solubility has nothing to do with lipids


Q.6: Animal and vegetable fats are———-?

  1. Glycerols
  2. Fatty acids
  3. Triesters formed from glycerol and fatty acids
  4. Tetraesters formed from glycerol and fatty acids


Q.7: Triglycerides are easily hydrolyzed by enzymes called———?

  1. Lyases
  2. Ligases
  3. Lipases
  4. Hydrolases


Q.8: Saponification is the hydrolysis of fat or oil with an———?

  1. Acid
  2. Alkali
  3. Enzyme and alkali
  4. Enzyme and acid


Q.9: Enzymes from the same organism which catalyze same reaction but are chemically and physically distinct from each other are called——-?

  1. Oxidoreductases
  2. Hydrolases
  3. Isoenzymes
  4. Isomerases


Q.10: Enzyme proved useful in cancer treatment is——–?

  1. Lactic dehydrogenase
  2. Alkaline phosphatase
  3. L-asparaginase
  4. Cellulase