Chemistry MCQs Online Quiz Test 4

All type of Chemistry Topics Trivia quiz for preparations. Here on these quizzes of chemistry you will learn Atomic Structures, Basic Chemistry, Chemical Bondings, Experimental Techniques, Gases, Liquids and Solids MCQs online. These MCQs Online Quiz Tests Covers Many of Syllabus for Competitive Papers for Admission tests in different Colleges and Universities. 11th and 12th Class Chemistry Chapter Wise MCQS Online Test with solved MCQs answers.
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Solved Chemistry Quiz Question Answers

Q.1: General formula of alkyne is——-?

  1. CnH2n + 2
  2. CnH2n – 2
  3. CnH2n
  4. CnH2n + 2


Q.2: Removal of halogen and hydrogen atom is———?

  1. halogenation
  2. dehalogenation
  3. dehydrohalogenation
  4. hydrohalogenation


Q.3: Reactivity due to pi-electrons is present in———?

  1. alkane
  2. alkene
  3. alkyne
  4. both B And C


Q.4: Raney nickel is prepared from ———– by treating with caustic soda?

  1. Ni-Cu alloy
  2. Ni-Fe alloy
  3. Ni-Al alloy
  4. Ni-Mg alloy


Q.5: Vinylacetylene combines with HCI to form———-?

  1. polyacetylene
  2. benzene
  3. chloroprene
  4. divinyl acetylene


Q.6: Which C-X bond has the highest bond energy per mole ?

  1. C-F
  2. C-C
  3. C-Br
  4. C-I


Q.7: The unit of the rate constant (k) is same as that of rate of reaction——–?

  1. First order reaction
  2. Second order reaction
  3. Zero order reaction
  4. Third order reaction


Q.8: Acid present in acid rain may be———?

  1. H2SO4
  2. HNO3
  3. both A and B
  4. none of the above


Q.9: Which of the following elements conduct electricity and also melts below 100°C ?

  1. Aluminium
  2. Sodium
  3. Carbon
  4. Sulphur


Q.10: The compound which is added to leaded gasoline to save engine from lead oxide and lead sulphate deposits is———?

  1. Ethylene iodide
  2. Ethylene bromide
  3. Ethylene chloride
  4. Ethylene fluoride