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Basic Electrochemistry MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: Which of the following reaction is not shown by ketones ?

  1. reaction with HCN
  2. reaction with NaHSO3
  3. reaction with 2 4 dinitrophenyl hydrazine
  4. reaction with Fehling solution


Q.2: Which of the following substances does not give iodoform test ?

  1. acetaldehyde
  2. ethyl alcohol
  3. methyl alcohol
  4. acetone


Q.3: Crystallization does not involve——–?

  1. heating
  2. sublimation
  3. cooling
  4. vaporization


Q.4: In CCI4 I2 shows——–?

  1. Red colour
  2. Purple colour
  3. Blue colour
  4. Yellow colour


Q.5: Direct conversion of solids into vapours is called ———-?

  1. sublimation
  2. Solvent extraction
  3. crystallization
  4. vaporization


Q.6: Without suction pump filtration is ———?

  1. Fast process
  2. Rapid process
  3. Slow process
  4. All are possible


Q.7: The use of CaCl2 and PCl5 in the process of crystallization is as a———-?

  1. oxidizing agent
  2. reducing agent
  3. drying agent
  4. colouring agent


Q.8: In solvent extraction ether is used to separate products of organic synthesis from——–?

  1. water
  2. iodine
  3. hydrochloric acid
  4. gases


Q.9: In crystallization if the solvent is inflammable then direct heating is——–?

  1. needed
  2. avoided
  3. depends on temperature
  4. crystallization does not involve heating


Q.10: Rate of filtration can be increased by applying gentle suction——-?

  1. Gooch crucible
  2. Filter paper
  3. Sintered crucible
  4. All of the above