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Online objective type MCQ acid base and salt of chemistry hydrocarbons MCQs in quiz tests. All important MCQ on acids and bases for 10 class chemistry MCQs learn here. 10th chemistry MCQs with objective type question solutions. Online chemistry class 11 MCQ on atomic structure for class 8th to 12th chapter wise. online MCQs of chemistry class 9th federal board and punjab boards learn easily. All chemistry basic concept of analytical chemistry MCQs in quiz tests. Learn online chemical bonding MCQ questions MCQs of chemistry 10th class and 12th Sindh boards also. Online chemistry MCQ with answers class 12 MCQ on environmental chemistry class 11 and nuclear chemistry MCQ with answers.
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Solved 10th Class Chemistry MCQs With Answers

Q.1: Which of the following substance do not show continuous solubility curve ?

  1. KCIO4
  2. Na2SO4. 10H2O
  3. K2Cr2O7
  4. PbCl2


Q.2: Every sample of matter with uniform properties and fixed composition is called———?

  1. solute
  2. solvent
  3. solution
  4. phase


Q.3: The component of solution which is in smaller amount is called———?

  1. solvent
  2. solute
  3. phase
  4. ion


Q.4: 10ml of alcohol dissolve in 90ml of water unit of concentration used is——–?

  1. % w/w
  2. % w/v
  3. % v/v
  4. % v/w


Q.5: 58.5g of of NaCl per 1 dm3 of solution of NaCl in water the concentration of solution will be———-?

  1. 0.1 M
  2. 1 m
  3. 1 M
  4. 0.1 N


Q.6: If the volume of solution is equal to sum of volumes of its all components then the solution——-?

  1. will be an ideal solution
  2. will be non-ideal solution
  3. will show deviations from Raoults law
  4. both b And c


Q.7: The solution which distils over with change in composition——–?

  1. ideal solution
  2. zeotropic solution
  3. azeotropic solution
  4. non-ideal solution


Q.8: Concentration of solute molecule when they are in equilibrium with solid substance at particular temperature is called——–?

  1. saturated solution
  2. solubility
  3. unsaturated solution
  4. super saturated solution


Q.9: The determination of correct molecular weight from Raoults law is applicable to———?

  1. a volatile solute in dilute solution
  2. a non-electrolyte And non volatile solute in concentrated solution
  3. a non-electrolyte And non volatile solute in concentrated solute
  4. non volatile solute in a dilute solution


Q.10: Beckmanns apparatus is used to measure——–?

  1. boiling point elevation
  2. depression in freezing point
  3. lowering of vapour pressure
  4. lowering of osmotic pressure