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PPSC Exams Entry Test Question Answers

Q.1: Which specie has unpaired electrons in antibonding molecular orbitals——–?

  1. O2+2
  2. N2-2
  3. B2
  4. O2-2


Q.2: For a given process the heat changes at constant pressure (qp) and at constant volume (qv) are related to each other as———-?

  1. qp = qv
  2. qp < qv
  3. qp > qv
  4. qp = qv / 2


Q.3: Solubility product of AgCl is 2.0 x 10-10 mol2 dm-6. Maximum Concentration of Ag+1 ions in the solution is———?

  1. 2.0 x 10-10 mol dm-3
  2. 1.414 x 10-5 mol dm-3
  3. 1.0 x 10-10 mol dm-3
  4. 1.0 x 10-5 mol dm-3


Q.4: Which of the following solution has the highest boiling point ?

  1. 5.85% NaCl Solution
  2. 18.0 % glucose solution
  3. 6.0 % urea solution
  4. All have same boiling point


Q.5: Which of the following can be used in laptops ?

  1. Silver oxide battery
  2. Fuel cell
  3. Nickel cadmium cell
  4. Lead accumulator


Q.6: Which is the unit of (K) rate constant for zero order reaction ?

  1. s-1
  2. mol dm-3 s-1
  3. mol-1 dm3 s-1
  4. mol-2 dm6 s-1


Q.7: Alkenes are produced from dehalogenation of——–?

  1. dihalo alkane
  2. trihalo alkane
  3. vicinal dihalo alkane
  4. vicinal trihalo alkane


Q.8: In unsaturated hydrocarbons electrons favour———-?

  1. less reactivity
  2. addition reactions
  3. substitution reactions
  4. none


Q.9: Which one is Chloroform———?

  1. CH2Cl2
  2. CH3Cl
  3. CHCl3
  4. CCl4


Q.10: Which is used for artificial ripening of fruit ?

  1. ethane
  2. ethene
  3. ethyne
  4. methane