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If you are looking to search Chemistry MCQs Question Answers For Competitive Exams You are here on right page. You can easily learn here online solved chemistry objective type question answers here. In every competitive exam of MCAT, ECAT, NAT, GAT in which some of the part chemistry question answers are mostly asked. Here Chemistry General Science MCQs are for Preparations of Objective type MCQs. You can online Practice chemistry MCQs for chemistry subject. Here all of the MCQs correct answers are mentioned if you select the wrong one chemistry answer.
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FPSC Past Papers Chemistry Entry Test MCQs

Q.1: The most paramagnetic element is———-?

  1. Iron
  2. Cobalt
  3. Chromium
  4. Manganese


Q.2: Which one of the following looks odd———?

  1. H2SO4
  2. KMnO4
  3. H2S
  4. K2CrO4


Q.3: In 1 – pentene -4- yne the carbon exhibit hybridization———?

  1. sp3 – sp2
  2. sp2 – sp
  3. sp2 – sp
  4. sp3 – sp2 – sp


Q.4: When benzene is heated in air with V2O5 at 450°C yields———?

  1. Phenol
  2. Maleic anhydride
  3. Glyoxal
  4. Benzoic acid


Q.5: Which one of the following will be sulphonated readily ?

  1. Chlorobenzene
  2. Toluene
  3. Nitrobenzene
  4. Benzene


Q.6: When CO2 is made to react with ethy1 magnesium iodide in dry ether followed by acid hydrolysis yields——-?

  1. Carboxylic acid
  2. Ethanoic acid
  3. Propanoic acid
  4. Butanoic acid


Q.7: Ethy1 chloride on reduction in the presence of Zn/HCI produces———-?

  1. n. butane
  2. Ethanol
  3. Ethane
  4. Diethy1 ether


Q.8: For industrial preparation of CH3CHO catalytic promoter is———?

  1. PdCl2
  2. Cu2Cl2
  3. CuCl2
  4. PbCl2


Q.9: Which of the following is not a fatty acid ?

  1. Propanoic acid
  2. Acetic acid
  3. Phthalic acid
  4. Butanoic acid


Q.10: Which one of the following fertilizers provides the nitrogen and phosphorus to the plant ?

  1. Urea
  2. Calcium superphosphate
  3. Diammonium phosphate
  4. Potassium nitrate