English Grammar Modal Verbs Quiz Test

Online solve english grammar easy trivia questions for esl students. Learn online simple present quiz tests. Objective type sports quiz esl grammar quiz. Solved all English tenses quiz with basic English quiz questions and answers. English language techniques quiz with simple past and past progressive quiz test. Entry test Preparation punctuation quiz online with spelling quiz for grade 8 and master level.
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English Grammar Solve-MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: One who does not follow the usual rules of social life is called ———–?

  1. egoist
  2. frank
  3. bohemian
  4. reveille


Q.2: Antonym of “impervious” is ——-?

  1. kind
  2. disastrous
  3. prone
  4. perfect


Q.3: Don’t make me — hurt you?

  1. to
  2. over
  3. at
  4. none


Q.4: Synonym of “deprecate” is ———?

  1. plead earnestly against
  2. denounce
  3. belittle
  4. devaluate
  5. dishonor


Q.5: Complete the following sentence: The doctor advised the patient ——————?

  1. that no to neglect his health
  2. to not to neglect his health
  3. not to neglect his health
  4. don’t neglect your health


Q.6: I dont agree with you; I think————?

  1. it is fairly good film
  2. it is rather a good film
  3. it is rather fairly good film
  4. it is fairly rather good film


Q.7: I enquired of him ———–?

  1. whether if he wants to join the course
  2. if he did want to join the course
  3. if he wants to join the course
  4. if he wanted to join the course


Q.8: He exclaimed with shock ————-?

  1. that it was a very tragic accident
  2. that it is a tragic accident
  3. that it was a tragic accident
  4. it was a tragic accident


Q.9: What is antonyms of word Restoration?

  1. Lexicon
  2. Balm
  3. Hoarding
  4. Depredation


Q.10: What is synonyms of word Pedigree—–?

  1. Ladder
  2. Kernel
  3. Lineage
  4. Facet