English Grammar Nouns MCQs With Answers

Online synonyms and antonyms quiz for grade 4 with simple present and present progressive quiz. But also learn verb tenses quiz with answers with mcq on nouns. Online american English file starter quiz with idioms test quiz. PPSC, NTS, PMS English esl listening quizzes for upcoming jobs tests. English to tagalog quiz with gk question in English for class 1 to Master level preposition quiz test.
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English Grammar Solve-MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: Synonym of Chastity——–?

  1. To abstain from sexual relation
  2. To engulf in sexual relation
  3. To whip someone
  4. To infertile someone


Q.2: Synonym of Trail———?

  1. To chase
  2. To fix
  3. To divert
  4. To disturb


Q.3: Synonym of Canny————-?

  1. Clever
  2. thin
  3. Fast
  4. Slow


Q.4: Synonym of Prolix————–?

  1. To Promote
  2. To Prolong
  3. To proactive
  4. To Provide


Q.5: “Reading” quickly and well requires practice. The “Reading” word is a/an ———-?

  1. Infinitive
  2. Verb
  3. Gerund
  4. present Participle


Q.6: Choose the correct sentence:

  • I have a decent house to live
  • I have decent house to live in
  • I have a decent houses to live in
  • I have decent houses to live
  • B

    Q.7: Choose the correct spelling:?

    1. Brutility
    2. Brutality
    3. Brutelity
    4. Brutilety


    Q.8: What does the word ‘CASCADE’ means?

    1. Entagle
    2. Waterfall
    3. Small boat
    4. Garden


    Q.9: Adnan is “very different about” passing the Civil Services Examination this year?

    1. Dead sure of
    2. Very hopeful of
    3. Lacking self confidence about
    4. Reasonably certain of


    Q.10: It was he who put “a spoke in my wheel”?

    1. tried to cause an accident
    2. helped in the execution of the plan
    3. thwarted in the execution of the plan
    4. destroyed the plan