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Online prepositions in on at exercises multiple choice MCQs with answers. Learn online object type present tense quiz with answers with synonym quiz online. But here you will learn and easily understand esl English quiz with grammar rules quiz In MCQs. English quiz for grade 8 to Higher quizzes tests. Online synonyms and antonyms MCQs learn online with future tense quiz English MCQs tests.
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English Grammar Solve-MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: Because of oil crisis, the prices of commodities are looking ————–?

  1. at
  2. on
  3. up
  4. to


Q.2: I told the tailor to put red buttons —– the dress he is making for me?

  1. in
  2. at
  3. on
  4. over
  5. none


Q.3: Either Sana or her friends —— present there?

  1. was
  2. were
  3. is
  4. none


Q.4: We often watch —- television?

  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. none


Q.5: We congratulate you —- your achievement?

  1. for
  2. to
  3. on
  4. at
  5. by


Q.6: My friend is a couch potato. What does the idiom/phrase “couch potato” means?

  1. active person
  2. busy person
  3. lazy person
  4. angry person


Q.7: Passive voice of “They broke up the table for firewood” is ———————?

  1. The table broke up for firewood by them?
  2. The table has broken up for firewood by them
  3. The table had broken up for firewood by them
  4. The table was broken up for firewood by them


Q.8: Sana! Please —— a tea ?

  1. Taken
  2. Drank
  3. Have
  4. Put


Q.9: He is worried —– his future?

  1. for
  2. of
  3. about
  4. from
  5. with


Q.10: Antonym of GUMPTION is ————-?

  1. Apathy
  2. Nerve
  3. Initiative
  4. Sagacity