English Grammar Preposition Quiz Test

Simple English quiz questions and answers with tenses quiz online. Learn Grammar adjective mcqs for entry tests Preparations. Online old English quiz with reported speech online quiz and banking English quiz. So, Solve MCQs is first and second conditional quiz test platform. Online intermediate grammar quiz with mcq on adjectives question answers.
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English Grammar Solve-MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: I wish Sana ——-come soon?

  1. will
  2. would
  3. had
  4. have


Q.2: Specialised in nose disease is?

  1. rhinologist
  2. philologist
  3. endocrinologist
  4. gerontologist


Q.3: Animals who lives in herds are?

  1. sociable
  2. gregarious
  3. carnivorous
  4. social


Q.4: An unexpected piece of good fortune is?

  1. windfall
  2. philanthrophy
  3. benevolence
  4. turnstile


Q.5: Synonym of Wheedle ——————-?

  1. Fast
  2. Cajole
  3. Waive
  4. Slander


Q.6: Synonym of Bonhomie————–?

  1. Affability
  2. Big
  3. Turbulent
  4. Grope


Q.7: Synonym of Scrumptious ————-?

  1. Tasty
  2. Old
  3. Filthy
  4. Bumpy


Q.8: Synonym of TRITE————-?

  1. Minor
  2. Sad
  3. Commonplace
  4. Swindler


Q.9: Modern industry abounds —– opportunities for young people with good scientific qualifications?

  1. In
  2. For
  3. Into
  4. With


Q.10: The players agreed to abide —– the referee’s decision?

  1. With
  2. By
  3. In
  4. Into