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English Grammar vocabulary quiz with online solutions. Objective type MCQs past perfect quiz test learn online here. Online spelling quiz for adults and kids understanding of engllish language. English Grammar first conditional quizzes reported speech multiple choice MCQs tests. Grammar idiomatic expressions exercises multiple choice Past Papers MCQs with answers.
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English Grammar Solve-MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: Synonym of “abstain” is ———?

  1. separate
  2. ignore
  3. refrain
  4. frustrate


Q.2: Synonym of “impale” is ———?

  1. terrify
  2. entrap
  3. transfix
  4. summon for jury duty


Q.3: I am exhausted, let’s ———a day?

  1. call it
  2. call at
  3. call off
  4. call in


Q.4: It’s difficult ———-reconcile such different points of view?

  1. with
  2. to
  3. in
  4. on


Q.5: Many people reported ———–a noise in the night?

  1. to hear
  2. having heard
  3. to have heard
  4. been hearing


Q.6: The colour of the walls in my room has faded ——?

  1. in
  2. with
  3. away
  4. on


Q.7: The flight stewardess the passenger ————?

  1. when to start travelling
  2. where to land the plane
  3. how to fasten the seat belt
  4. how to judge the altitude of the plane


Q.8: I ————a single word he says?

  1. not believe
  2. don’t believe
  3. am not believing
  4. will not believe


Q.9: She made her stepson her ——-to her large fortune?

  1. hare
  2. heir
  3. hair
  4. here


Q.10: The girl ran ———–the field when she saw her father after long time?

  1. in
  2. across
  3. on
  4. along