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Online quiz present perfect and past perfect and past simple quiz tests. If you will learn using online quiz it will be helpful for your online practice. But online quiz for adjectives with answers are easy to study. Online multiple choice vocabulary test maker solve MCQs provides you free online MCQs. Online preposition quiz for grade 4th to 12th with English language quiz in PDF.
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English Grammar Solve-MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: Synonym of “repatriate” is ———?

  1. to return home
  2. colonize
  3. brainwash
  4. repay


Q.2: Synonym of “plebiscite” is ———?

  1. militant youth
  2. common people
  3. minority representation
  4. direct popular vote


Q.3: Synonym of “hegemony” is ———?

  1. government by the few
  2. mass migration
  3. self-governing state
  4. dominance


Q.4: Synonym of “halcyon” is ———?

  1. turbulent
  2. shimmering
  3. exhausting
  4. calm


Q.5: Synonym of “vermin” is ———?

  1. welcome guests
  2. fur wraps
  3. true accounts
  4. objectionable pets


Q.6: All of us are devoted ——– one another?

  1. of
  2. at
  3. to
  4. with


Q.7: The man ———- down the road is my brother?

  1. hurry
  2. hurried
  3. to hurry
  4. hurrying


Q.8: It is already 5 o’clock. Can you —– time to catch the bus?

  1. have it in
  2. have enough
  3. make it in
  4. made it


Q.9: It is certain that human beings —— latent power of which they are only vaguely aware?

  1. exhibit
  2. possess
  3. impose
  4. knowledge


Q.10: If we go to the park, —— you like to come too ?

  1. shall
  2. are
  3. would
  4. am