Islamic Studies MCQs By Imtiaz Shahid PDF Free

Solved MCQs Full PDF Book of ISLAMIC STUDIES CSS Syllabus 2018. All Candidates will be expected to display in depth knowledge of basic Islamic concepts in this book PDF MCQs With Answers. In this PDF Islamic Studies MCQs Guide You will learn Seerah of Prophet Mohammad (PBAH), Human Rights in Islam and knowledge of Islamic history and civilization and understanding of Islamic code of life.

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Islamic Studies MCQs PDF Book

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All basic concept of Imtiaz Shahid Islam solved MCQs book you will learn about Importance of Deen in Human Life, Difference between Deen and Religion, Distinctive Aspects of Islam, Islamic Beliefs & its Impact on Individual & Society and the Fundamental of Islam. Islamic Worships with Spiritual, Moral and Social Impact.

Here in this Imtiaz Shahid PDF book solved MCQs Study of Seerah of Prophet Mohammad (PBAH) as Role Model for Individual, Diplomat, Educator, Military Strategist, Peace Maker, Human Rights & Status of Woman in Islam, Human Rights and Status of Woman in Islam Imtiaz Shahid Fully Solved Guide.

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