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Q.1: A and B invests Rs.8000 and Rs.9000 in a business. After 4 months, A withdraws half of his capital and 2 months later, B withdraws one-third of his capital. In what ratio should they share the profits at the end of the year?

  1. 20:23
  2. 34:43
  3. 32:45
  4. 37:45


Q.2: A and B invests Rs.10000 each, A investing for 8 months and B investing for all the 12 months in the year. If the total profit at the end of the year is Rs.25000, find their shares?

  1. Rs.8000, Rs.17000
  2. Rs.9000, Rs.16000
  3. Rs.18000, Rs.7000
  4. Rs.10000, Rs.15000


Q.3: A and B starts a business with Rs.8000 each, and after 4 months, B withdraws half of his capital . How should they share the profits at the end of the 18 months?

  1. 18:11
  2. 22:13
  3. 23:12
  4. 11:9


Q.4: A and B start a business with Rs.6000 and Rs.8000 respectively. Hoe should they share their profits at the end of one year?

  1. 1:2
  2. 3:4
  3. 2:5
  4. 3:7


Q.5: A, B and C invests Rs.2000, Rs.3000 and Rs.4000 in a business. After one year A removed his money; B and C continued the business for one more year. If the net profit after 2 years be Rs.3200, then A’s share in the profit is?

  1. Rs.1000
  2. Rs.600
  3. Rs.800
  4. Rs.400


Q.6: Kashif and Nadeem jointly started a business. Kashif invested three times as Nadeem did and invested his money for double time as compared to Nadeem. Nadeem earned Rs. 4000. If the gain is proportional to the money invested and the time for which the money is invested then the total gain was?

  1. Rs.16000
  2. Rs.20000
  3. Rs.24000
  4. Rs.28000


Q.7: A is a working partner and B is a sleeping partner in the business. A puts in Rs.15000 and B Rs.25000, A receives 10% of the profit for managing the business the rest being divided in proportion of their capitals. Out of a total profit of Rs.9600, money received by A is?

  1. Rs.3240
  2. Rs.3600
  3. Rs.3800
  4. Rs.4200


Q.8: The ratio of investments of two partners P and Q is 7:5 and the ratio of their profits is 7:10. If P invested the money for 5 months, find for how much time did Q invest the money?

  1. 7 months
  2. 10 months
  3. 9 months
  4. 11 months


Q.9: A and B start a business jointly. A invests Rs.16000 for 8 months and B remains in the business for 4 months. Out of the total profit B claims 2/7th share. How much money is contributed by B?

  1. Rs.10000
  2. Rs.12800
  3. Rs.6000
  4. Rs.8000


Q.10: In a partnership between A, B and C. A’s capital is Rs.5000. If his share of a profit of Rs.800 is Rs.200 and C’s share is Rs.130, what is B’s capital?

  1. Rs.3250
  2. Rs.6250
  3. Rs.10250
  4. Rs.11750