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Q.1: The simple interest on Rs.12000 at a certain rate of interest in five years is Rs.7200. Find the compound interest on the same amount for five years at the same rate of interest.

  1. Rs.3502.80
  2. Rs.3052.40
  3. Rs.3054.8
  4. Rs.3052.80
  5. None of these


Q.2: What is the difference between the compound interest on Rs.12000 at 20% p.a. for one year when compounded yearly and half yearly?

  1. Rs.140
  2. Rs.120
  3. Rs.130
  4. Rs.110
  5. None of these.


Q.3: The compound and the simple interests on a certain sum at the same rate of interest for two years are Rs.11730 and Rs.10200 respectively. Find the sum.

  1. Rs.18000
  2. Rs.17000
  3. Rs.18500
  4. Rs.17500
  5. None of these.


Q.4: A person got Rs.48 more when he invested a certain sum at compound interest instead of simple interest for two years at 8% p.a. Find the sum?

  1. Rs.7500
  2. Rs.7000
  3. Rs.8000
  4. Rs.6500
  5. None of these


Q.5: The compound interest accrued on an amount of Rs.44000 at the end of two years is Rs.1193.60. What would be the simple interest accrued on the same amount at the same rate in the same period?

  1. Rs.10,840
  2. Rs.10,720
  3. Rs.10,560
  4. Rs.10,280
  5. None of these.


Q.6: The simple interest accrued on an amount of Rs.49500 at he end of three is Rs.17820. What would be the compound interest accured on the same amount at teh same rate in the same period? (Round off your answer to two decimal places)

  1. Rs.20043.94
  2. Rs.18654.81
  3. Rs.20264.46
  4. Rs.19612.41
  5. None of these


Q.7: A man gets a simple interest of Rs.500 on a certain principal at the rate of 5% p.a in two years. Find the compound interest the man will get on twice the principal in two years at the same rate.

  1. Rs.500
  2. Rs.250
  3. Rs.5012.50
  4. Rs.5062.50
  5. None of these.


Q.8: A sum of Rs.4800 is invested at a compound interest for three years, the rate of interest being 10% p.a., 20% p.a. and 25% p.a. for the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd years respectively. Find the interest received at the end of the three years.

  1. Rs.2520
  2. Rs.3120
  3. Rs.3320
  4. Rs.2760
  5. None of these


Q.9: Compound interest earned on a sum for the second and the third years are Rs.1200 and Rs.1440 respectively. Find the rate of interest?

  1. 18% p.a.
  2. 22% p.a.
  3. 20% p.a.
  4. 24% p.a.
  5. None of these.


Q.10: Jameel invested an amount of Rs.17400 for two years. Find the rate of compound interest that will fetch him an amount of Rs.1783.50 at the end of two years?

  1. 8% p.a.
  2. 6% p.a.
  3. 4% p.a.
  4. 5% p.a.
  5. None of these