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Q.1: If a body of mass 10 kg is allowed to fall freely, its weight becomes——-?

  1. 0
  2. 89N
  3. 9.8 N
  4. 10N


Q.2: How many days would be in a year if the distance between the earth and the sun were reduced to half of its present value (assuming circular orbit) ?

  1. 365 days
  2. 730 days
  3. 329 days
  4. 129 days


Q.3: When a body is moving along a circular path it covers a certain angle in a given interval of time. Such type of motion is———?

  1. Vibratory motion
  2. Linear motion
  3. Rotatory motion
  4. Angular motion


Q.4: Coefficient of viscosity of honey is greater than——-?

  1. Milk
  2. Water
  3. Charcoal
  4. Water


Q.5: The dimensions of the coefficient of viscosity are——-?

  1. ML-1T-1
  2. M2L1T1
  3. ML1T-1
  4. M2L-1T-1


Q.6: Terminal velocity is——-?

  1. Uniform
  2. Maximum
  3. Uniform and maximum
  4. Neither uniform nor maximum


Q.7: When the body moves with terminal velocity the acceleration in the body become——-?

  1. 0
  2. Maximum
  3. Variable
  4. Infinite


Q.8: Terminal velocity is given by equation——–?

  1. Vt = gr2ρ
  2. Vt = 2gr2/9ρ
  3. Vt = gr2/9ρ
  4. Vt = 9gr2/2ρ


Q.9: Terminal velocity of the body is directly proportional to the——–?

  1. The radius of the body
  2. The diameter of the body
  3. Size of the body
  4. Square of the diameter of the body


Q.10: The flow of ideal fluid is always——–?

  1. Turbulent
  2. Streamline
  3. Irregular
  4. Straight line