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Q.1: In optic fiber transmission system ——- are used regenerate the dim light signal?

  1. Diodes
  2. Repeaters
  3. Laser
  4. Transformer


Q.2: Magnification of the astronomical telescope is——-?

  1. fo+fe
  2. fo/fe
  3. fe/fo
  4. (1+fo/fe)L/fo


Q.3: Errors in the transmission of power through optic fiber can be minimized by using a——-?

  1. Multimode index fiber
  2. Graded index fiber
  3. Single mode step index fiber
  4. Copper wire


Q.4: The function of collimeter in spectrometer is——–?

  1. to produce parallel beams of light
  2. to filter the light rays
  3. to make them
  4. no function


Q.5: In optic fiber transmission the repeater are separated through a distance of —– km in newer system?

  1. 300km
  2. 200km
  3. 100km
  4. 20km


Q.6: Michelson devised the formula to calculate the speed of light——–?

  1. C = 4fd
  2. C = 8fd
  3. C = 16fd
  4. C = 5/2fd


Q.7: A convex lens acts as a diverging lens if the———?

  1. object is beyond C
  2. if the object is with in C
  3. if the object is within f
  4. both B and C


Q.8: The equation θ = 1.22 λ/D was devised by——–?

  1. Newton
  2. Einstein
  3. Raleigh
  4. Planks


Q.9: In S.H.M. the velocity of a particle is maximum at——–?

  1. mean position
  2. extreme position
  3. middle between the mean and extreme position on the right side
  4. middle between the mean and extreme position on the left side


Q.10: The acceleration of a projection on the diameter for a particle moving along a circle is——–?

  1. w2x
  2. wx2
  3. w2x
  4. wx2