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Learn online pedagogical studies for teaching skills question answers. PPSC, PMS, NTS, CSS, OTS and FPSC exams jobs teachers training tests. These MCQs are most repeated in jobs tests learn online pedagogy MCQs with quiz tests. Online study classroom pedagogy skills MCQs with instructional pedagogy.
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Pedagogy Online Solved MCQs Quiz Test

Q.1: The first institution of higher learning in the Western world, “Academy”, was founded by——?

  1. Socrates
  2. Plato
  3. Aristotle
  4. John Dewey


Q.2: The “Apology” the Plato’s recollection of the speech given by Socrates when Socrates was charged with——?

  1. believing in the rotation of the Earth
  2. not believing in the rotation of the Earth
  3. believing in gods
  4. not believing in gods


Q.3: Which from the following is NOT an informal assessment?

  1. Observation
  2. Project
  3. Rubrics
  4. Participation


Q.4: A student having scientific attitude——?

  1. Becomes courageous
  2. Gets goods job
  3. Studies systematically
  4. Thinks rationally


Q.5: Through which action children learn fast?

  1. Facial expression
  2. Walk
  3. Study
  4. Write


Q.6: Projective techniques of measuring personality is superior to other techniques because:——?

  1. The examinee does not know that he is revealing his own self
  2. Statistical analysis of the result is possible
  3. They are easy to administer
  4. None of these


Q.7: Which of the following strategies is problem centered?

  1. Discovery
  2. Heuristic
  3. Project
  4. All of the above


Q.8: Teacher should read other books also except course-books. What will be the benefit of it?

  1. They can use their best time
  2. They will get satisfaction and teach well
  3. Knowledge will be overall developed and they teach well
  4. People will know him as best teacher due to his way of teaching


Q.9: There are three main duties of a teacher, which are——–?

  1. Teaching, regulation and direction
  2. Teaching, creation of character and co-operation
  3. Instruction, direction and training
  4. Direction, skilled practice and regulation


Q.10: Which of the following factors the classroom management?

  1. Disciplined and controlled behavior in classroom
  2. Behavior of teacher with students
  3. General administration and management of school
  4. All of the above