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Learn pedagogy in physical education for online exams Preparations. Learn here composition pedagogy and teaching pedagogy MCQs with answers. Online quiz tests with solved objective type question answers for pedagogical technology MCQs. Online MCQs learning skills for whole child pedagogy question answers.
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Q.1: You wish to become a teacher, because:

  • Get more holidays
  • There is no compulsion to teach
  • Less labor is involved in teaching
  • Like to be a teacher
  • D

    Q.2: The teacher wants students to practice by repetition of some learning content, he normally uses —— method?

    1. Drill
    2. Recitation
    3. Skill
    4. None of these


    Q.3: When the teacher is restating the information to show basic principles in the classroom, he is actually?

    1. Making diagrams
    2. Pinpointing
    3. Generalizing
    4. Criticizing


    Q.4: Providing temporary support and encouragement to students until help in no longer needed is called——-?

    1. Scaffolding
    2. Criticizing
    3. Appreciating
    4. None of these


    Q.5: —– are visual frameworks to help the learner make connections between concepts?

    1. Graphic representations
    2. Graphic organizers
    3. Graphic charts
    4. None of these


    Q.6: According to Socrates, physical objects and events are —— of their ideal form?

    1. shadows
    2. images
    3. parts
    4. signs


    Q.7: When the topic or an area of a course contains a lot of information, it is recommended to use?

    1. lecture method
    2. inquiry-based method
    3. cooperative method
    4. assignment method


    Q.8: In your view, which one is the most important factor of teaching process?

    1. Teaching materials
    2. Student
    3. Teacher
    4. The environment of the class


    Q.9: In order to make memory level of teaching a success what should a teacher do?

    1. Logical sequence should be there in the presentation of subject matter
    2. Recall and rehearsal of the learn material should be done at short intervals
    3. Subject matter should be meaningful and interesting before presenting it to pupils
    4. All of the above


    Q.10: Which from the following should be used to increase correct responses and appropriate behavior?

    1. Praise
    2. Reward
    3. Ignorance
    4. Strictness