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Q.1: Which of the following radiations are suitable for the treatment of an infection in the interior of the body ?

  1. α-rays
  2. β-rays
  3. γ-rays
  4. X-rays


Q.2: Various types of cancer are treated by———?

  1. Cobalt-60
  2. Strontium-90
  3. Carbon-14
  4. Nickel-63


Q.3: Sterilization of surgical instruments medical supplies and bandages can be done by exposing them to a beam of——–?

  1. α-rays
  2. β-rays
  3. γ-rays
  4. B and C have equal antiseptic propertie


Q.4: The charge on alpha particles is——–?

  1. Plus one
  2. Plus two
  3. Minus two
  4. Minus one


Q.5: Alpha particle ionizes an atom———?

  1. Through direct collision
  2. Through electrostatic attraction
  3. Through electrostatic repulsion
  4. All of above


Q.6: T.V sets and microwave ovens emit ———-?

  1. X-rays
  2. α-rays
  3. β-rays
  4. γ-rays


Q.7: An alpha particle in a single encounter———?

  1. Loses a small fraction of its energy
  2. Losses most of its energy
  3. Loses no energy at all
  4. Loses all of its energy


Q.8: Strontium-90 is used as ———?

  1. α-particle source
  2. β-particle source
  3. γ-rays source
  4. Neutron source


Q.9: The penetration power of alpha particle as compared to beta particle is——–?

  1. 10 times more
  2. 100 times more
  3. 100 times less
  4. 10 times less


Q.10: Geiger counter is suitable for ———?

  1. Fast counting
  2. Extremely fast counting
  3. Slow counting
  4. All situations