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There are many entry tests in which Physics is the most important part of that test just like Engineering jobs tests, MCAT, ECAT, NAT, GAT, ACCA, CSS and many more. Here solve MCQs is providing you most repeated and past papers MCQS of Physics with solved answers.
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Physics Solved MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: The radius of geostationary orbit from the centre of the earth is nearly——-?

  1. 42000km
  2. 36000km
  3. 24000 km
  4. 18000 km


Q.2: According to Einstein, the gravitational interaction is possible between——–?

  1. material objects only
  2. material objects and electromagnetic radiation only
  3. electromagnetic radiations
  4. none of the above


Q.3: One radian is equal to——-?

  1. 67.3°
  2. 57.3°
  3. 87.3°
  4. 60°


Q.4: The period of a circular motion is given by——–?

  1. T = πv
  2. T = πw
  3. T = 2πr
  4. T = 2πr/v


Q.5: The direction of the linear velocity of a body moving in a circle is——-?

  1. along the axis of rotation
  2. along the tangent
  3. directed towards the centre
  4. directed away from the centre


Q.6: hen a body moves in a circle, the angle between its linear velocity and angular velocity is always——–?

  1. 180°
  2. 90°
  3. 45°


Q.7: The circumference subtends an angle——–?

  1. π radian
  2. 2π radian
  3. π/2 radian
  4. 4π radian


Q.8: In p-n-p transistor the collector current is——–?

  1. equal to emitter current
  2. slightly less than emitter current
  3. greater than emitter current
  4. any of above


Q.9: The simplest type of rectification known as half wave rectification is obtained by———-?

  1. using a transistor
  2. suppressing the harmonics in A.C voltage
  3. suppressing half wave of A.C supply by using diode
  4. using a Coolidge tube


Q.10: Depletion region of a junction is formed——-?

  1. during the manufacturing process
  2. under forward bias
  3. under reverse bias
  4. when temperature varies