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Q.1: Boltzman constant K in terms of universal gas constant R and Avagadros number Na is give as——–?

  1. K = RNa
  2. K = R/Na
  3. K = Na/Ra
  4. K = nRNa


Q.2: Average translational kinetic energy per molecule of an ideal gas is given by——-?

  1. 3NaT/2R
  2. 2NaT/3
  3. 3RT/2Na
  4. 3Na/2RT


Q.3: In which process entropy remains constant——–?

  1. isobaric
  2. isochoric
  3. adiabatic
  4. isothermal


Q.4: Adiabatic process is also called——-?

  1. Heat exchange process
  2. Heating process
  3. Isentropic process
  4. All of the above


Q.5: The work done in the isochoric process is——–?

  1. constant
  2. variable
  3. zero
  4. depends on situation


Q.6: For the successful operation of Heat engine which condition should be met ?

  1. cyclic process
  2. operated at certain temperature difference
  3. both A and B
  4. none of these


Q.7: The purpose of flywheel in the engines is——–?

  1. to smooth out the energy variation
  2. to add more weight to engine to work it stable
  3. to start engine
  4. both A and B


Q.8: Petrol engine is a——–?

  1. C.I engine
  2. SI engine
  3. IC engine
  4. all the above


Q.9: Which quantity is a state function——–?

  1. internal energy
  2. heat supply
  3. pressure
  4. volume


Q.10: The unit of entropy is——–?

  1. J.K
  2. J/K
  3. N.m/sec
  4. Kgm2/sec2.K