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There are many entrance exams in which physics is the most important subject for test. Learn here objective type MCQs of Physcis that are taken from the previous years PPCS, MCAT, NAT, GAT, ACCA, FPSC, BPSC, SPSC entry tests.
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Q.1: The Fahrenheit and centigrade scales agree to——–?

  1. 40
  2. 15.5
  3. 542
  4. 273


Q.2: The size of one degree of Celsius is equal to———?

  1. One degree of Fahrenheit scale
  2. 1.8 degrees of Fahrenheit scale
  3. 3.2 degrees of Fahrenheit scale
  4. 2.12 degrees of Fahrenheit scale


Q.3: According to Pascals law the pressure of gas in a vessel is——-?

  1. Different in different direction
  2. Same in all direction
  3. Same only along opposite directions
  4. Same only along normal directions


Q.4: Which one is true for internal energy ?

  1. It is sum of all forms of energies associated with molecules of a system
  2. It is a state function of a system
  3. It is proportional to transnational K.E of the molecules
  4. All are correct


Q.5: Standard condition STP refer to a gas at ———-?

  1. 76cm 0°C
  2. 760mm 273K
  3. 1atm 273K
  4. all of the above


Q.6: At what temperature is the Fahrenheit scale reading equal to twice that of the Celsius scale?

  1. 460°C
  2. 280°C
  3. 360°C
  4. 160°C


Q.7: The area enclosed by the curve ABCDA for a Carnot heat engine represents the work done by Carnot engine——–?

  1. at any instant
  2. averagely
  3. during its operation
  4. during one cycle


Q.8: For a gas obeying Boyles law if the pressure is doubled the volume becomes——–?

  1. double
  2. one half
  3. four times
  4. one fourth


Q.9: Triple point of water is———–?

  1. 273°C at 6.11 Kpa
  2. 273K at 61.6 Kpa
  3. 273.16°C at 0.611 Kpa
  4. 273.16K at 750 Kpa


Q.10: Which of the following properties of molecules of a gas is same for all gases at particular temperature ?

  1. momentum
  2. mass
  3. velocity
  4. kinetic energy