PPSC Pedagogy MCQs With Answers Quiz Test

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Pedagogy Online Solved MCQs Quiz Test

Q.1: According to the philosophy of Idealism in education, the subject matter of curriculum should be——–?

  1. mathematics
  2. science
  3. physical world
  4. mind


Q.2: According to the theory of forms (or theory of ideas) material world is a/an —– of the real world.?

  1. shadow
  2. image
  3. part
  4. sign


Q.3: The skill when students try to build abstract knowledge is called—–?

  1. originating
  2. characterizing
  3. evaluating
  4. synthesizing


Q.4: The “Academy” was founded in——?

  1. Athens
  2. Stagira
  3. Macedonia
  4. Chakis


Q.5: According to Aristotle, virtue is a/an —– state between excess and deficiency.?

  1. natural
  2. intermediate
  3. real
  4. artificial


Q.6: The process of selecting units from a population to estimate characteristics of the population is called——?

  1. analyzing
  2. inference
  3. research
  4. sampling


Q.7: An aspect of pragmatism is experiential learning, which says, education should come through——?

  1. experience
  2. practice
  3. knowledge
  4. observations


Q.8: The use of a physical punishment for class management is called——?

  1. extinction technique
  2. satiation technique
  3. time out technique
  4. corporal punishment


Q.9: An assessment that is carried out through the course is called—–?

  1. initial assessment
  2. diagnostic assessment
  3. formative assessment
  4. summative assessment


Q.10: In John Dewey’s student-centered approach of learning, the role of the teacher is of a——?

  1. formal authority
  2. delegator
  3. instructor
  4. facilitator