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Here you can easily find all basic and important Online Objective type World Records General Knowledge MCQs Quiz Tests. These are the past papers of PPSC, NTS National Testing Service Question Answers of World world GK MCQs for the preparation of all competitive, aptitude and ability tests.
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World General Knowledge Solved MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: Corruption Perception Index 2018 has ranked which country at last position?

  1. Somalia
  2. Syria
  3. South Sudan
  4. Nigeria


Q.2: Corruption Perception Index 2018 has ranked which Country on 1st position?

  1. New Zealand
  2. Denmark
  3. Canada
  4. Germany


Q.3: UNFPA and UNICEF have launched a joint programme to address which global issue?

  1. Malnutrition in Children
  2. Child Marriage
  3. Sanitation
  4. Girl Education


Q.4: For how many months Khabib “the Eagle” Nurmagomedov has been suspended for UFC 229 brawl?

  1. 5
  2. 7
  3. 9
  4. None of above


Q.5: Who is the U.S. special envoy consulting with Afghan government officials and with the Afghan Taliban in Qatar aimed at ending the 17-year conflict in Afghanistan?

  1. Salahuddin Rabbani
  2. Zalmay Khalilzad
  3. Dr Omar Zakhilwal
  4. None of them


Q.6: What is the Theme of “World Cancer Day 2019”?

  1. “I Can We Can”
  2. “Myths The Debunk”
  3. “No Ahead Of Us”
  4. “I am and I will”


Q.7: Who is UN human rights investigator leading an international inquiry of three-member legal and forensic panel into the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi?

  1. Agnes Callamard
  2. Helena Kennedy
  3. Duarte Nuno Vieira
  4. None of these


Q.8: Who has been elected as new King of Malaysia on Jan 24, 2019?

  1. Muhammad V of Kelantan
  2. Abdullah of Pahang
  3. Nazrin Shah of Perak
  4. Isikandar of Johar


Q.9: Who is the winner of Australian Open 2019 Men’s final?

  1. Roger Federer
  2. Rafael Nadal
  3. Andy Roddick
  4. Novak Djokovic


Q.10: Which Country Won 19th Asian Junior Squash Tournament by beating India?

  1. Pakistan
  2. Thailand
  3. China
  4. None