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Q.1: Which of following country has recently introduced its new currency ‘RTGS dollar’?

  1. South Africa
  2. South Korea
  3. Germany
  4. Zimbabwe


Q.2: Who become the first batsman to smash 500 or more sixes in international cricket?

  1. Shahid Khan Afridi
  2. Chris Gayle
  3. Kane Williamson
  4. David Warner


Q.3: Which Cricketer has officially received the knighthood at Buckingham Palace, recently in Feb 2019?

  1. Alastair Cook
  2. Chris Gayle
  3. James Anderson
  4. Kevin Pietersen


Q.4: The Indian General Elections, 2019 are expected to be held in 7 phases from 11 April 2019 to 19 May 2019 to Constitute the—–?

  1. 17th Lok Sabha
  2. 19th Lok Sabha
  3. 18th Lok Sabha
  4. 16th Lok Sabha


Q.5: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi belongs to which Political Party?

  1. Bhartiya Jannata Party
  2. Indian national party
  3. Congress
  4. None of these


Q.6: Which UN Secretary-General has welcomed Pakistan’s peace gesture of returning Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Abhinandan Varthman to India?

  1. Antonio Guterres
  2. Ban Ki-Moon
  3. Kofi Anan
  4. Boutros Boutros-Ghali


Q.7: Thailand’s 2019 General election to be held on——?

  1. 19 March 2019
  2. 24 March 2019
  3. 29 March 2019
  4. None of these


Q.8: Which country’s Foreign minister address to the 73rd session of UNO in Arabic as well as English language?

  1. Palestine
  2. Austria
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Iraq


Q.9: Which of the following Country was invited for the first time to the meeting of the OIC as guest of honour on March 01, 2019?

  1. Nepal
  2. Bhutan
  3. India
  4. None of these


Q.10: Who is the Current Foreign Minister of Germany?

  1. Jawad Zareef
  2. Van Herald
  3. Haiku Moss
  4. Allen Gurney