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World Gk Question online Quiz MCQs with answers for competitive exams preparations. Most repeated interview and General Knowledge, GK question answers with easy learning method. Here you will learn General Knowledge Solved MCQs for jobs tests PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, PTS, SPSC, BPSC KPPSC and other entry tests.
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World General Knowledge Solved MCQs Online Quiz Test

Q.1: Which Football Club Won the English Premier League Season 2019?

  1. Liverpool
  2. Manchester City
  3. Arsenal
  4. Tottenham


Q.2: Which Country is the Vice-President of FATF for 2018-19?

  1. USA
  2. China
  3. Singapore
  4. None of these


Q.3: What was Narendra Modi rank in the Forbes 2018 list of world’s most powerful persons?

  1. 8th
  2. 9th
  3. 10th
  4. None of these


Q.4: The second edition of belt and road forum was held in Beijing , china from April 25th to?

  1. April 27th
  2. April 28th
  3. April 29th
  4. April 26th


Q.5: Which among the following was the host country of 2nd Belt and Road Forum?

  1. China
  2. Russia
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Nepal


Q.6: The host Country of 2019 Asia Badminton Championship is——?

  1. China
  2. Indonesia
  3. India
  4. Srilanka


Q.7: Name the country which will revive 2nd major China-linked project?

  1. Thailand
  2. Indonesia
  3. Vietnam
  4. Malaysia


Q.8: Which county has launched a program “Lose to Win” to help overweight employers?

  1. Japan
  2. India
  3. UAE
  4. None of these


Q.9: North Korea fired a number of short range projectiles from its—–peninsula to the sea of—–?

  1. Hodu, Japan
  2. Satsuma, East china sea
  3. Nishisonogi, Japan
  4. None of the above


Q.10: Which country fires short range projectiles on 4 May, 2019?

  1. South Korea
  2. Japan
  3. North Korea
  4. China